Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day weekend - Friday

We had Friday off from work & school, so we headed up to visit Daniel at George Fox University. He was just getting done with his cardio workout for PE. We liked how he had all the bike gear :)

Um.... you're not supposed to be climbing on there...

Yay! A dorm room!

A lot of girls greeted Daniel as he showed us around campus....

At the Claim Jumper restaurant. It opened about a year ago & I'd seen the sign from the freeway. I was happy I got off at the right offramp :)

My kids love me :)

I DECLAIR!!! (don't worry, we split it 4 ways - only 550 each calories that way)


keeka said...

slobber, drool, gulp...sigh....it doesn't taste as good through the computer!
You are all so happy looking!
I am glad to see you had a nice weekend!
I miss the ideclair! We will have to go soon!

Love to all!

Tina said...

I'm up for another visit. Lee & Carl can help us eat it...