Saturday, October 03, 2009

Gotta Sew!

Last weekend I bought some stuff to make Connor a costume for Halloween. He really liked Diana's Link costume, and wants to be Link as well - however, he wants to be "Toon Link" from the Wii game "Windwaker" - Trevor got him that for Christmas last year.
As you can see, it's a pretty easy costume. All I'm really sewing is the tunic & hat. I'll find a long-sleeved light green t-shirt (at Goodwill or Salvation Army), and a pair of white leggings.
Diana is checking at the Halloween store for the elf ears, but we won't stress if we can't find those. I will probably get gold or yellow hairspray color to use on his hair.
The shield & sword will be cardboard, and he can wear his cowboy boots for his shoes. And I will make a weird buckle for the belt :)
The tunic and hat will be sewn today, though, since Connor's already come in to give me the fabric to start about 5 times today...


flyingvan said...

The hard part's gonna be the big black contact lenses

Anonymous said...

I have spock ears in stock.

Heroes Haven for all your shopping needs. =)


Tina said...

Ah yes - I had Diana price those out for me & you're the best deal in town :) We'll be getting them soon!