Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where are they?

We went out for pizza tonight for dinner. Connor usually puts away a good chunk of pepperoni pizza (the only meat he eats - that's the standard visual for 'pizza' on most things, so pepperoni = pizza to him).

Well, he didn't want any of his pepperoni tonight. (He may not be feeling well). He opted for the spuds instead. I dunno. We will probably not bother getting him pizza at a restaurant again until he really asks for it.

So here we are with a bunch of pepperoni pizza. Since Trevor & I were going to do a little shopping after dropping off Connor & Lee, we figured we could give it to a homeless person on the way somewhere, and we got a box for it.

For some reason, there were none around. There are usually people begging at the freeway offramps. Or there will be people at the grocery stores. Or maybe hanging out at the park. Nope.

Eventually, we saw a guy digging through a trash can for recyclable cans. Trevor went out and told him we went out & couldn't finish our pizza. Would he like it? The guy said okay, and took the box. As Trevor walked away, I saw him open it, check the contents & then close the box again. Hopefully that meant he intended to wash his hands before starting his dinner...

Trevor thinks there's a conspiracy and someone has scooped up the homeless in our town.

Or not.


Re-Navy!! said...

hahahaha...but seriously...did they have a bum convention somewhere and u didnt notice?

flyingvan said...

If you'd like, we can charter a bus from San Diego to replenish your stock. Sort of like the Marlin Perkins relocation programs. (Roseville Oregon..Supercool to the homeless...)

prestoffcenter said...

Do homeless migrate to warmer climates for the winter? That's what I'd do.

Maybe they just went "home".

Tina said...

I don't know - it's not like they can jump on a train like the hobos of 50 years ago. There's a big ol' mountain range between us & the warmer temps.

We actually have a lot of services for homeless folks here - from the Veteran's Administration to Casa de Belen, which is for entire homeless families (run by our church). There's the shelter downtown (both for men & families) and the churches in the area take turns feeding dinners. Our Community kitchen at church does Tuesdays & Fridays. I am not sure of the other church schedules.

I guess we have teens that live under the bridges for the Umpqua.

Maybe most of them were at a community kitchen for a different church on Saturday?