Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still kind of famous

Last night when the kids went to the bowling alley (there's only one in town), Diana went to go get some french fries. There were three guys at the counter, and they recognized her from the show.

Boys: "No way! OMG! No way! It's you!!!"
Diana: "Um... Hi."
Boys: "We're only in town for a week, we were joking about finding you! Can we take your picture?"
Diana: "Oooo Kay..."
Boys: "Cool!"

Then she got her fries & left. She would have maybe chatted with them a bit, but the bowling was timed and she was trying to get back before it was her turn again.

You know, it's not like she's wearing the cat hat around town... Think of the reaction if she did!


Re-Navy!! said...

it would still be diana none the less...even with her new found fame she is still my best friend and i am working on those photos!! i have to have spare time to get them up and blah blah blah....ugh... we never took our new kid to hooters...he got a little frustrated with me and vis-versa

keeka said...

Sounds very surreal! I would be freaked out a bit, but I guess after doing all the filming it isn't THAT big a deal anymore!
Way to go Diana!