Sunday, August 10, 2008

Four Teens

From Monday to Saturday, we had 4 teens living at our house.

Leonie is staying with Diana in her room, but Trevor & Connor are already maxing out the 'boy's room' so Daniel pitched a tent out in the backyard. The weather has been very nice, and until a little drizzle Saturday morning, had been nice & dry.

He said he liked sleeping out there...

They did typical teen things:

Go to the movies, go bowling, bike ride to the park (after picking up lunch at Subway), play video games, and go to the fair.

My two aren't actually that active when left to themselves. They both have this addiction with the computer, and it was very nice to see them out & about doing things away from their little glowing screens.

However, they both need to learn to be better hosts when they have company. They are so used to avoid each other, they forget to include someone when they are doing something that might be fun. Leonie mentioned Daniel was a very nice boy. He would offer her food when he made something for himself, and would ask her to join him watching TV or whatever.

Of course, I was raised feeling like a tour guide for Southern California - we always had some german relatives or friends staying with us over the summer. I would generally get to keep my room because we had a guest room available, but there were times when we'd kind of overlap people and I'd be with my sister, in the living room or even at a neighbor's house until my bed became available again.

Then again, both Leonie & Daniel were able to relax & read (Leonie is going through Diana's manga collection), and hopefully it's all a good blend of fun - not too busy, not too boring.

On the parent end of things, we've kind of shifted our time schedule two hours later. Wake up at 9:00 and go to bed closer to 1:00, vs. wake up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:00 (at least for me). We wanted the kids to be able to enjoy themselves out a bit, so we let them come home later than typical - and of course once they came home, we had to hear what happened, etc.

That's fine. We have some summer left to enjoy before the school routine starts up again...

Up above, Dan's site looks kind of picturesque. In actuality, our yard is a little less pretty, huh?


Dan W. said...

Thanks Again!

keeka said...

sounds like the teens had fun! I swear, Diana looks more German than Leonie! If I were to guess, without knowing who was who, I would say Diana was the German one! Leonie looks like a Cali girl!

Re-Navy!! said...

leonie looks amazing!!!! glad that everyone had a good time!! my mom saw diana one day and hardly recognized her!! she said that she looked really pretty!!! thats my girl!!

Crystal said...

sounds like they had a great time! I know Daniel always likes the trips up to see you guys!