Thursday, August 21, 2008

Diana's full episode available online now

Yesterday Diana's full MADE episode was posted on the MTV website.

I doubt you can watch it if you are outside the US at this point, but it may be uploaded to an unrestricted server soon, and if/when we find that, I can post a link :)

My poor mom & sister in Canada still haven't seen it!! Or Crystal, or relatives in Germany...

I'm adding the link on the right, and here it is as well:

Diana MADE on MTV - Full Episode


Myrna said...

Crystal saw it at your house w/full commentary on Lee's Birthday and loved it!!

Tina said...

Yeah - if you see it here, we bring out the shoes, prom dress, and other stuff :)

Plus it's just very weird to be watching something on TV while you are in the room where it was filmed.

C.J. said...

woot a whole 3 seconds of being on TV :D! lol i'm so happy for diana, wish her a happy 18th birthday for me :D!


p.s.- The girlfriend convinced me to get a blogspot so hit me up anytime Tina :D