Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Aaaaaaggghhh! Olympics on Tivo!!

I have 40 hours of Tivo'd Olympics I have to watch!!! I've gotten through about 25 so far, but I had to stop at fencing until Diana gets home so she can watch with me.

Of course, Olympics bumped anything else we watch, so it didn't record the "Burn Notice" with Michael Shanks (aka Daniel Jackson on SG1). Poop. I'll have to watch it online now.

I am using the Olympics to recover from the 16-hour drive (all driven by me) yesterday. Yes, Lee offered to drive, but I wouldn't have slept while he was driving anyway, and he doesn't mind me driving.

I have enough of a break to read blogs, sort laundry, post on geocaching and do this. We still have to upload the photos from Diana's camera, and then we can post with those :)

Thanks again to Steve & Anna Marie & everyone who came out to the reunion. It was awesome and we had a great time.

But we might take the train down next time. Or maybe do it closer to us? Meet in Yosemite & take over the campground? I dunno. We'll come up with something, huh?


keeka said...

Ok, just give us enough notice so we can rent an RV! Hehe! Too bad there isn't a new attraction opening at Disneyland that has that 40 hour thing going!

flyingvan said...

http://www.paradisespringsmountain.com/ If you want to do Yosemite area. This place put us up during the Telegraph Fire--it was NICE. Not that cheap but no more than a hotel would have been

Martina said...

Was für eine lange Fahrt. Ich glaube ich, hätte bereits nach 8 Stunden aufgegeben. Du Hast meine Bewunderung.

Leonie haben wir auch wieder. Sie sah völlig erschöpft aus nach ihrem Flug und ist glücklich, dass sie den Mut hatte allein zu fliegen ist stolz auf sich selbst.

Wir arbeiten seit 1 Woche , also der Alltag hat uns wieder ;-)), kaum Zeit unsere wunderschöne Reise zu verarbeiten. Danke für alles und das wir Euch kennenlernen durften. Bilder werden folgen.