Saturday, August 02, 2008

So Diverse!!!

This University prides itself on being incredibly diverse. They have demonstrations for everything and your mom. They have people studying there from 90-some countries, and students can study abroad in 165.
They really take it to extremes though. I never really considered whether I'm a black or white toilet seat type. But dang it, at U of O, you have that choice!!!


Lee said...

I notice no toilet paper on either the right or left stall walls.

Um... save the trees?

Re-Navy!! said...

omgh i LOVE that top on her!! the blue behind it is different but it works well with that hat!! way to go on fashion there diana!!! and congrats!! my girls are going to college omgh.....they're going to college....omgh

Caution: Sammy's Mind said...

Hahaha, that really is absurd, and guess what?!
I have that same blue top AND that same vest!