Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Doobie Brothers at the Fair

My friend, Rose, and I went to the fair tonight to see the Doobie Brothers.

It was a pretty dang fun show. I recognized a lot of songs from my teen years (Oh black water, keep on rolling, Mississippi moon won't you keep on shining on me -- which they changed to "Oregon moon" and that got a lot of applause).

Anyway, at the concert, Rose told me that two of the guys on stage were from the original band. When I got home tonight & looked up Doobie Brothers on Wikipedia, I found this band has added & subtracted members almost every single year since they got started! They began as a 4-guy band, and at one point had eleven guys in the band!

Tonight they played mostly the pre-Michael McDonald stuff. "Black Water" "Jesus is Just Alright" "China Grove" "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)" and "Listen to the Music." So we didn't hear "What a Fool Believes, It Keeps You Running, Minute By Minute, Real Love or You Belong To Me" since those were all Michael McDonald songs (he went on to do a solo career with songs like "I Keep Forgetting" and "Yah Mo B There)."

The amazing part is they sounded just like their records! I guess they just get people that can make that specific sound of the Doobie Brothers when they hire them in, or else is mostly those two original guys? I don't know. They are the two on the far left in the lower photo, by the way.

Really lots of energy and lots of fun from guys making hits from the early 70's!


Re-Navy!! said...

the guy without the shirt and just a vest makes me think of the village people (thank goodness there wasnt a sailor in their too or i'd be ULTRA freaked out) i never knew who these guys were but glad you got tpo hear somebody from your past

prestoffcenter said...

The has-been tour!

They all eventually play at the fair or the racetrack and refuse to hang it up. Don't get me wrong- they are all great songs, but gads, try something new and stop living off the old stuff.

Oh well, at least it was a good show and they can still generate some good times and flashbacks for people.

Tina said...

Actually in this kind of venue, no one wants to hear the "new" stuff. They all come to hear the old stuff and relive those memories. You want to be singing along, which you can't do with "new" stuff :) Trust me, we've seen some older acts trying out new stuff and it doesn't go over well.

Plus, this is just what I chose to see. The country folks are usually current (last few years) and have hits on the radio when they come to the fair. I see them occasionally with my friend if her other country buddy is busy.