Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy First Advent ;)

Yesterday we got the tree in the house & trimmed off all the extra branches. I had gone to various stores around town yesterday and couldn't find a big enough frame for the wreath I wanted to make. Finally at Michael's Village Crafts, my friend Sue who was shopping with me, suggested using a grapevine wreath - they had nice big ones, but I knew the 40% off coupon would come out in the paper today, so I waited to get it today. There were some little decorative sprays out in front, and I got some ribbon too, but I didn't use that this time.

I took a few photos once it was hanging outside, but you couldn't tell how big it was, so I had Diana take a shot with me too. I think it came out pretty nice :)

My friend, Kathe, gave me the nice poinsettias last Friday. I hope I have a good spot for them. Last year the one I had in the kitchen didn't survive. I think it was too cold. These are in the living room where the heater is, and hopefully they'll manage better.

Tonight we'll light the first candle of Advent.
I'm just going to stuff the remaining fir branches in my planters out front. They won't be growing much until Spring anyway.

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keeka said...

Very nice wreath, ya done good!