Thursday, December 06, 2007

St. Nicklaus

This year St. Nicklaus came & brought Diana & Connor some little gifts & goodies.

Diana liked the pens & fuzzy socks, and Connor got some magnets that "whizz" together and a ToothTunes toothbrush that plays the Star Wars theme ;)

The thing is, Connor learns a lot by visual input. Everything you see about Christmas in the USA involves Santa pretty much.

The German tradition celebrates the feast day of Saint Nicklaus (aka Santa Claus) on Dec 6th. That's why you put out your boot or stocking on December 5th.

On Christmas Eve, it's the Christ Child that brings the gifts & goodies - not Santa.

This is a little confusing to a kid with autism, so Connor created his own answer to the Santa issue.

It must have been Santa's elves that brought last night's stuff, since Santa won't be flying around until Christmas Eve.

All morning he was saying, "The elves came in Connor's house! Good elves! Elves in Connor's house in the night!"

Works for me!


shoo said...

lol...too wonderful.

keeka said...

very cool! That is so different than Kaleigh! I never realized that she had actually inherited something from Carl until she looked at a mall Santa and said (at 3 years old) "Mommy, why is that man dressed up like Santa Clause?" She also knew from the get go that Micky, Chucky cheese and all other Characters had people in them. The best one was when I tried to tell her about the tooth fairy and she looked at me with terror in her eyes and said, "A STRANGER is going to come in my ROOM?" So we have never had a whole lot of unquestioned belief in her except for God and Jesus of course, she knows they are real!

flyingvan said...

We did the hay in the shoes tradition for St. Nick's feast day growing up. The problem now is the 6th is Mckenna's birthday and it would kind of take away from it being 'her' day so the tradition hasn't carried on here.
I loved when they were really small and just crawling around the house discovering things like chairs was a wonder, then one day a giant tree covered with lights shows up. The look on their faces--'Umm, OK, sometimes there's trees in the house' was classic.