Thursday, December 27, 2007

Family Christmas

We all met at Myrna's this year. Instead of the regular gift exchange, we did Bunco this time. Everyone brought a Bunco prize, and the winners picked first, and those of us who didn't win so big, picked toward the end. It was a lot of fun & everyone got something ;)

Jeff & Amber with Pop & Mom.

Diana, Jon, Myrna, Karen & Lee.

Connor had a great time running around with cousin Rita & her little brother James. Connor really liked the nerf gun stuff, which is why he got one for Christmas at home a couple of days later!

And Crystal was home from Rome - she got to pick the food for dinner since she came from furthest away.

We had Mexican food :)


keeka said...

Happy happy! You all look like your having a nice time. Glad to see the family, Crystal is getting so mature!
Must be the travelling!

Aunt Myrna said...

She is mature Keeka, she's 27!!!