Friday, December 28, 2007


Today Trevor asked me if I had more time this year than last. I responded that I had the exact same amount of time as I had the previous year. He then amended his question to be "free" time.

Then I had to prune that down to find out whether he meant time when I was was not being paid (at work), cleaning or cooking, volunteering, attending club meetings?

He wanted to know how much time I had to do absolutely whatever I wanted. And whether I had more of that time this year than last.

What he's looking for is some kind of assurance that once he completes his education, he'll have plenty of time to pursue his interests. But he also knows he will be working full-time once he's out of school (or should be!!!). He knows he'll have to pay for his education, for instance.

I actually have a good amount of time for myself, I think. I consider my TOPS club time for me, for example. I have time to play WoW while I ride my bike. I have time to blog, and read other blogs.

I don't have big chunks of time to just lay around, typically. I have a family & home & career, and that lifestyle doesn't lend itself well to laying around.

Today - however - I spent most of the day reading a book. I don't get to do that very often. So there. I did manage to go to three different stores & exchange Christmas stuff that wasn't right, and do the shopping - but other than that - I enjoyed my heated blanket and learned about Jack the Ripper (Diana had an English paper and that was one of her source books).

I don't even have dishes tonight, and Diana is making leek soup for dinner - whee!
I think I have at least the same amount of free time as I had last year. I think...

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keeka said...

ah free time. I notice these days even if I have some "free" time. I don't feel as though I can take it for myself. I always feel like I should be doing something. I do take time out now and again for a good book. For instance Carl got me the new Dean Koontz novel. I am done with it. I took some time from cleaning and moving things around to read. A couple hours a day for about 2 days pretty much did it. I am grateful that I am a teacher and have a little time I can decide what to do with. I still feel a little guilty though...