Thursday, December 20, 2007

Travel Bug in Switzerland!

Earlier in the year, we helped a Brownie Girl Scout Travel Bug (trackable geocaching item) get from Oregon over the ocean to England. She's trying to make her way from the East Coast of the USA to Switzerland before the troop that created her gets there in 2008.

I think she's gonna make it! I got a notification via email today that she was placed in a geocache in Switzerland now, so it's not too far for her to get to the GS World Center in Adelboden! Our Chalet

Anyway - I'm excited she's getting so close now. She was stuck in Germany a good 4 months. :)

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- Rob said...

It has been fun watching the various Travel Bugs we have moved go from place to place. I have notifications on all of them. Only 1 has been lost, the rest are still going.

Hayley had me start one for her in New Zealand. It looks like it is already coming back to the US. I'll have to blog about that one sometime.