Monday, December 17, 2007

40 Guests! Whee!

That was a fun Open House. We blocked our street with all the cars & people had to slow down to drive between them. Hee.

I think everyone who came had a good time visiting. I am pretty sure either Lee or I spoke to everyone that came for at least as long as the dip didn't need refilling (and it's a good thing Lee made a double batch of the spinach dip cause it was awesome!).

A big highlight was Mel & Libby (almost 2 years old now!) running all around. We introduced them to potato chips (sorry!!) and they would find any soft touch to get another one. Very cute.

Connor shut the door to his room about 2 hours into the guests being there. That was enough of that. He would come out to visit here & there and grab another rice krispie treat (which is why I make those at all).

Diana had a gaggle of girls in her room all day. Trevor & Christy got to play some WoW once the crowd died down a bit.

Lots of family, friends & neighbors. Good stuff.

And the house is clean! Whee!


flyingvan said...

Good for you guys. I bet it feels good to have that accomplished. We're a little behind, though we did get our letter out. What pressure. Right now AM took the kids to gymnastics, and I'm supposed to be putting up the outside lights. I have no inspiration so I'm blogging until it gets dark out.
Tina---somewhere I have a Knott's Scary Farm photo with just about everyone you link to in it. If I can find it I'll scan it to post. If AM comes home to her picture boxes out and no lights up, I'll pay the penalty though

Tina said...

I would LOVE to see the photo, but you'd better put the lights up before you go find it :)