Saturday, December 15, 2007

Clean the House!

Tomorrow is our Holiday Open House (if you're anywhere near us & can get here, you're invited!!)

We do this every year because #1. We get to relax & visit with family & friends at our own house, and #2. It forces me to get my butt in gear & get the house all decked out for Christmas (before Christmas Eve).

So the Saturday before, we do a lot of cleaning & stuff to get ready. In the afternoon, we do the food prep & baking. It's a busy day, but we blast the Christmas Carols & have fun with it.

Yesterday Lee took Connor shopping with him. I asked if we had enough 409 or Fantastik to get the cleaning done, and Diana said "Fantastik? What's that?"

I just never realized I've been so faithful to 409 that my kids didn't know the names of other cleaners! We're all out of Simple Green too.


flyingvan said...

My 14 year old, Mckenna, didn't know what a twinkie was. She's somewhat familiar with simple green and windex, though.

Tina said...

My 18-year old girl scout, Amanda, only just tried a twinkie for the first time last week!

Diana got a deep-fried one at the fair last summer.

Man, they'll deep fry anything, huh?

keeka said...

my kids have heard of twinkies but have never tried one. Don't think they would care for it. they prolly would like the hostess cupcakes tho.