Thursday, December 06, 2007

Navy Nae

Wow! Doesn't she look great?!

Diana & I got to go welcome Renee when she arrived home on her first leave since joining the Navy in the summer.
Everyone was so excited to see her. All the adults were teary with pride.
She gamely put up with us all taking photos when what she really wanted to do was get out of uniform & relax after the long flight & drive home.
We're looking forward to visiting with her today when she comes to a GS meeting :)
Welcome Home Renee!!!

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Anonymous said...

it was soooo good to be home...the trip was exhausting.....hhhmmm lets see got up at like 5 the 5th ran around with my head cut in my dress whites....went to graduation... finished running around to get my orders...ran back to my room to wait i had already packed lol....found out my flight wasnt to leave until 6....found out i may not get to go home....cried like crazy andcalled my a on the flight...transferred in texas(?) took another flight to san there at 11 went to a navy like hotel (temporary barracks) for the night...with somebody else in the room...slept for three-four up took a "shower" no shampoo,soap or back in on another flight alone at 5 in to portland about noon....found my parents....cried like a baby....went to hooters(:D) drove for 4 hours home...and didnt get to sleep until like 11 that night...yeah i was up for way too long with way too much excitement...i think i got up at like noon the next day lol...jet lag....3 hours difference!!! oohh i missed home...but i kinda dont that town is so lame/ nae