Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Christmas Eve

Connor really likes Star Wars. He specifically requested "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith." He was literally close to tears when he saw that he'd gotten them.

I had tried to find Episodes 1,2,3 in a boxed set, but no one (including Amazon) had it. I had sent Lee out to get the "first three" and he came home with the Original three. Dang you George Lucas!

I found Revenge of the Sith - one copy left - at our regular store. I had to hunt all around town to find Attack of the Clones. I finally found it on Christmas Eve at the used movie & video games store. Whew! But it was worth all the running around. Connor was SO happy.
Diana is wearing the little fox hat she got from Trevor. She's been making her own fleece hats, and not only is this one pretty close, but now she can figure out a pattern for round ears to make more if she wants :)

They are spendy because they are sold in Comic Shops & Hot Topic-type stores. She sells hers for $15-20, which is a good $5-10 less than the "professional" hats.

Diana is working very hard on her long-term art project. She's making a flash animation for a song. It's gonna be really cute & either Lee or I will post it so everyone can see.

I have to return the cream colored blouse there, it's a little too snug. I also have to return a hat I got for Lee. And I need to exchange the hoodie I got him. I'll post that after we get the right size. He really liked it, but the arms were too short...

Here I am with my College boy. He mostly got stuff that will be cool for his dorm room, books, etc. He registered for his next term yesterday, and he's going to be working on his scholarship applications this week & next as well. He goes back to OIT on the 4th or 5th, depending on how long Daniel stays, I think.

I like to hang our Christmas cards up when we get them. The photo cards are on a different wall (by the front door), so these are all the regular cards. I love hearing from people & getting the letters & all. Whee!

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keeka said...

very cool stuff! Connor does look extremely happy with his gift! I can't see Diana's hat very well because her arm is in the way. But it does sound like you had a very nice Christmas!