Friday, November 30, 2007

Things to do

This weekend, I'll be getting the tree up & starting on decorating the house. Since we got such a large tree, I think I'll make a big, ol' wreath for the front of the house (I have one from Carolyn for the front door). This big one will have lights in it & stuff. If there are still enough boughs left, I'll make a swag too. Really, it's not that hard. If you wear gardening gloves while you work, you don't even get too sticky with sap.

Sunday is already First Advent, and I'd like to have the other Advent calendars & stuff up around the house too. The kids will do the chocolate ones, but I also have a wall hanging. I tend to buy my advent wreath candles after the season, so I usually have a decent set to use the next year ;)

If you've never made a wreath & want to give it a try, here's a nice little site to help: How to make an evergreen wreath
They have links for swags & stuff there too.

If I can manage it, I might get some baking in too... I want to do our Open House on the 16th, so I need to start scheduling my time to get everything ready for that. The cleaning is what takes the most time. Trevor might be able to help since he comes home on the 8th! Yay!

Here's a stupid song stuck in my head now:

Happy Holidays,
Happy Holidays.
While the merry bells keep ringing, may your every wish come true...
Happy Holidays,
Happy Holidays.
May the calendar keep bringing Happy Holidays to you.


keeka said...

Ok, where is YOUR holiday spirit?
Stupid song, indeed! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!
Heehee, is it back again? hehe
Well, at least you don't have the stupid "ding, fries are done" song in your head! I forbade Carl to sing it in front of the kids!

Tina said...

Okay okay - the thing is the last line - "may the calendar keep bringing Happy Holidays to you."

Of course it will! Well, unless you die. Maybe that's what they're saying.

I dunno. Plus I like a little more religion in my carols - vs. what sounds like "shopping" music to me...

Or German ones - Leise Rieselt der Schnee & stuff like that.