Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tree Hunt 2007

The other Thanksgiving tradition for us is the Tree Hunt on the Saturday following Thanksgiving - no matter what the weather is like, we all get our $5 permits to cut any tree we want. We were lucky this year again with the sunshine & enough snow to play in, but not so much as to make the driving too scary.
It's usually scary enough anyway, but we're in a caravan of 5+ cars, and someone will pull you out if you get stuck. This year, I'm wearing temporary crowns until my regular ones are done, so I can't bite down hard. I asked Lee to please drive extra slow and not play around with skidding & stuff so I wouldn't clench my teeth. Every time the truck seemed to slide a little, Diana (who also doesn't care for sliding cars) would say, "Dad! Mom's teeth!!"
This year we brought along Trevor's friend, Christy (in the fushia). I think she had a good time. Connor loved the snow, eating it, playing in it, laying in it, and the fire. What could be better?

We had chili, veggie hot dogs, cupcakes, chips, hot chocolate, and just a ton of other food. Some years the guys actually struggle with chains & pushing cars out of ice or whatnot, but it was pretty smooth this year & they didn't have to do that. The only work you had was finding, cutting & dragging your tree back to your car :)

We got a massive tree - the lower branches will be used for making a wreath & garland - any extras I'll just put in my flowerboxes out front. We also got a tree for some friends here in town that couldn't join us this year - maybe next year!

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