Saturday, November 17, 2007

Connor & Christmas

Yesterday, I got a call from Connor's teacher. He was very upset when it was time to go home, because he thought school was over. He was hugging his teacher and didn't want to get on the bus. I think he got mixed up with the Thanksgiving Break idea. I reassured him once I got him off the bus the break was only for a week, and then he would go to school again.

Once we got home, I took him to the family calendar, showed him today's date, when Thanksgiving is, and all the way through Christmas. At that point, he focused on what he is hoping he gets for Christmas. He wants Star Wars, episodes 1-3. We have 4-6 and he has watched them repeatedly, but he really wants Anakin Skywalker -- especially The Revenge of the Sith.

This is mostly due to Lego Star Wars for the X-box. Connor rocks at that game. Because of playing that, he's interested in the story behind the characters he runs around. And our family has all been assigned characters too. Connor is Anakin. The rest of us are bad guys - ? I'm Darth Sidious. Don't ask why - I have no clue.

A few things that bug me about this picture: First, it looks like Luke has droids for children, and second, shouldn't they be alongside Luke, since Anakin made C-3PO? And R2D2 was there before Luke too...

Luke shouldn't have Owen & Beru under him, and they're listed as "Adoptive Parents," but Luke called them "aunt" and "uncle." And which one was related to Anakin... Beru or Owen? If it's Owen, why isn't the last name Skywalker? Why am I thinking Anakin had a brother?

Okay - went to Wikipedia & got that resolved - no wonder I was confused :) Lars, Owen on Wikipedia

Whatever - Connor will be getting the Trilogy for Christmas. And maybe a Ben Ten watch...

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keeka said...

Hey, it is all too confusing to me!
I enjoyed the ones we watched as kids, that is about it and maybe the first of the new ones. I couldn't get into the others. Ah well, showing my age I guess. Don't know about you too (Tina and Lee) I don't think you are ever going to age when it comes to movies and music! But hey, kudos to you! I am soo out of the loop in both of those!