Saturday, October 27, 2007

The other pumpkin patch

Living in a rural area like we do, there are plenty of places to get fresh produce outside the grocery store.
One of our local farms has a pretty big stand (they also have a bakery with fresh pie, etc), and this time of year, they go ahead and do a corn maze and take people out to pick pumpkins in the field on the "hay ride." Kindergartners from all the schools in the area do this as a field trip with their classes.
It's not anything scary, just fun. Usually it's really muddy, but this year it was nice & dry. If you get a pumpkin from the patch, it's $4.00 for the ride, corn maze & all. But if you don't, it's free. So we told Diana not to get a pumpkin. She came back with a white one. Those are free, because no one wants them. We're gonna make it look like a skull or something else white. Hee.
This maze was actually pretty long & narrow, so it was easy to see where you were & not get lost. Some farm places do really big scary mazes that are open at night & people jump out & scare you.
Today was just a really nice day to get out & do this kind of thing. I'm glad we went!

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