Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

We are changing Connor's costume. He was going to be Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes), but the tiger fabric I ordered from ebay hasn't arrived yet, and the mail drops off about an hour before he's going trick-or-treating. So, Diana's Hobbes costume has no chance this year (maybe next year?).

Connor will be a cowboy instead. Diana could have been a cow again... but she's going to be getting ready to do her Haunted House stuff instead. This works out better for her, because it gives her more time to eat dinner, get ready & do any homework before she goes from 7:00 to midnight tonight.

I'll take Connor through the Neewalloh Parade, and then we'll come home & he can play Lego Star Wars & help me pass out the 1-10 pieces of candy (no one likes walking up our hill). Then I can go back into Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin while I twink up Suella (altho, if she's earning all the twink gear - it's not really twinking, is it?).

They don't do Halloween at school anymore (there's a Harvest Party), but Connor's school is doing a "Don't do drugs" campaign this week, and as part of the awareness, the kids are supposed to wear/do different things. Yesterday was wacky socks (Sock it to Drugs!), and today is Crazy Hair (It's Crazy to do Drugs!). So I've got his hair all spikey with gel & hair spray (we'll see how long it lasts...).

I'll have photos tomorrow of Halloween.


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