Sunday, October 21, 2007

I guess it rubs off...

I'm referring to comic book trivia. I don't read them all, but if I can score 10/10, it can't be too hard, huh?

Encarta Superhero Quiz

Good luck!


keeka said...

yeesh, I only got 6 out of 10, one of them, however, I was stupid on. I said titanium instead of the other metal for Wolverine, I didn't look past titanium or I would have seen the other metal and said "oh yeah!" Ah well, I know what Electra's weapons looked like but not what they are called.
Oh well, guess I have been apart from Lee for too long!

Tina said...

Ah yes, here in the land of Trivia, Lee is always finding something new to share! The best thing is, I can ask him about almost anything, and he has an answer about it for me :)