Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My dad's 80th birthday

My dad has cancer, and he'd just had radiation therapy a few days before we arrived. It was really tough on him, so he didn't get to celebrate the way we'd all hoped. However, we did our best to make it a happy birthday for him.

The present he's opening here is the biography he'd written that I edited for him. Staples will bind your 8 1/2 x 11 paper into a book for about $15.00, and include a photo on the cover (or whatever else you tell them).

Carolyn & I went in together on a digital voice recorder so he can continue the biography more comfortably. It saves files into a .wav format, so he can just email me the files and I can do the editing then at home. I think my dad was happy with both presents :) Of course, the biggest thing was Carolyn & I being there to celebrate with him. :)
In the afternoon, 3 couples that are good friends came over to visit and have cake & coffee. My dad got some really nice gift baskets with tasty stuff. Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon & able to eat that stuff!

My sister Connie got a flag made that bears the crest of my dad's hometown. Carolyn, Connie, my mom & I all worked together to put the flags on the line, and then put up the flag pole. That would have been an interesting shot - the four of us managed to get it up & in the base that had been made in concrete.

In the evening, my dad's friend, Al from California arrived with his lady friend Terry. They were going to be sticking around until Wednesday, so they also helped on Monday with Canadian Thanksgiving.

I think my dad had the best 80th birthday he could have - I hope our visits all helped perk him up and that he's feeling better soon.

Love you, Papi!

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