Friday, October 26, 2007

Diana helping at the Haunted House

Way back when T & D were in elementary school, pretty soon after we'd moved here, their school started doing a Haunted House. It was a simple little PTO-type fundraiser, not really well attended, but just for fun. I remember kids covered in sheets running around in the gym of the school - not hugely scary or anything.

In time, however, it grew. By the time T & D were in 5th & 6th grade, it was being held in an old building downtown, and the year Lee got involved, it morphed into a full-blown, scare-your-pants-off kind of haunted house. Now the proceeds went to Camp Millenium, which is for kids with cancer.
Diana really liked to help out, so through most of her Jr. High years, she got to man stuff like a big spider that she'd skitter around by people's feet. Lee was in his skull mask, and would really freak people out. Toward the end, the Haunted House was being held at the fairgrounds and it was a really big deal.
Well, our principal from the elementary school wound up having to move to a different school to fix the disciplinary problems they were having. It was too much to continue the Haunted House, so it was put to the side for a while. This year, however, he retired, and at the retirement party, we heard they were starting the Haunted House up again.
Lee is not able to be involved this time, due to the busy schedule with all the moving around at his new job, but Diana was able to get involved through National Honor Society. She gets 5 points for every hour she puts in (it's about 4 hours a night, for 4 nights, plus whatever time it took for set up). She should have at least 20 points at the end.
Diana is thrilled, because she gets to be a guide now. She's the one who leads the groups through, who tells the HH people who to scare for the most reaction. It's being held in the Elk's Lodge downtown this year. I'll bet they do great.
In case you didn't figure it out, she's the victim of a hanging.

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