Sunday, October 28, 2007

Connor's take on things

He processes sounds differently, I think.

Yesterday, he went around with his ears covered because of the startle with the train whistle.

Today, we were in the kitchen and the radio is on. Lee & Connor had just gotten back from grocery shopping. Diana had brought home some cupcakes from the Haunted House goodie booth (they didn't sell and the next time they run is Halloween - too long to hang on to a bunch of baked goods).

When Diana gave Connor the cupcakes, he said it was time for a party, since the cupcakes were all decorated for Halloween. So Diana had to sit and have a "party" with Connor. When the cupcakes were eaten, Connor said, "It's time to dance!" and starts jumping around and laughing. Diana had to join in (because it's a party), but when I tried to dance with them, Connor held up his hand and said, "No dance, Mama." (okay...I didn't get a cupcake either)

Then Connor exclaimed, "I love this song!" He was going through some kind of little spiel from something or other - the cupcakes, party, dancing - and apparently someone says that in the spiel.

One clue was that there was a commercial on the radio - no song.

Yeah - we were laughing.

1 comment:

keeka said...

never a dull moment with you guys!
Sounds like fun!
but "no dance Mama" he got that right! Hehe, just kidding!