Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long Drive

I went up to my folk's house for my dad's 80th birthday (more coming on that later).

I left from work right after I was done at 3:30, and then drove to Portland to go pick up Carolyn. Her flight was a little delayed, but we got out of the airport by 7:30 I think. We then crossed over the Columbia river into Washington. After a bit we tried to find a Shari's restaurant, but ended up at Applebee's instead.

By the time we left there, it was 9:30, and we still had to get to Everett where our room reservation was - we arrived about midnight. Good thing was we missed all the construction between Tacoma, Seattle and Everett! The hotel was very nice, and they had a great free breakfast.

We drove into Canada & crossed the border fine. The drive thru the Canadian Rockies went fine too - there was snow on the ground alongside the road, but the road itself was bare (yay!).

We got to my folk's house in the afternoon. We visited & stuff in the evening. My dad had radiation therapy for his cancer on Wednesday, and it hit him pretty hard, so he was in bed. He wasn't able to keep solids down, and very tired. While we were there he improved to being able to get up and visit a bit, but he wasn't eating solids yet by the time we left on Monday.

Saturday Connie joined Carolyn & I to do some shopping. I needed to get my passport photo done, since I still don't have my Canadian passport. I had to have someone be my "guarantor" to verify my citizenship - that's my mom. So she had to fill out & sign things for me to submit later. In the evening, Carolyn & I went over to Connie's place to watch a movie & give our parents a chance to rest. We saw "The Importance of Being Ernest."

Sunday we had people come over to visit. The original plan had been to go to a favorite restaurant, but since my dad obviously couldn't do that, the same people invited to join us came to the house to visit instead. We had cake & coffee for them, and my dad got some really nice gift baskets with some super-yummy stuff, which I hope he can eat soon!!

In the evening, a friend from California came for dinner. He flew in with his lady friend and they were going to stay until Wednesday. We had a nice visit with them as well. Since Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, they were going to help my mom with that too. I'm sure they all had a nice dinner on Monday with Connie's family.

The drive home went well. Since Carolyn had flown in at Portland we had to get her back to the airport by 3:00, since her flight was 5:00 pm. That meant we left Kelowna at 4:00 am. The crossing at the border was interesting. I've never had anyone check the car before, but he wanted me to unlock the doors so he could see what we had. He also wanted to know what we did for work. Then he said everything was fine & to have a nice trip!

We drove the 97 home, since we'd had all that construction on the 5. The weather was clear, and we only saw snow on the volcano mountains in the distance (Mt. Rainier, Hood, etc.). By the time we got to Hood River along the Columbia in Oregon, we had enough time to stop and get lunch - finally at Shari's! Then I took Carolyn into the airport, and once she was in the line for the security check, I left again.

The drive home solo was long, but I was glad to be back. I took a quick shower, and then I headed out to bring Diana to her Astra Club meeting for the installation of officers. This is the first Astra club (sponsored by Altrusa) in our area, and Diana is the treasurer. Once that was done, though, we came home. I was pretty tired!

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Lee said...

This time of year can be really bad weather at the drop of a hat. Most road clearing services are not at 100% either.

I was glad Tina arrived up there and gladder when she was back home safe and sound.