Saturday, October 27, 2007

Camp Millenium Pumpkin Patch

Today we thought we'd go check out the pumpkin patch that's run by a couple on their property. It benefits Camp Millenium, which is a local camp for kids with cancer.

Apparently, when Santa's Village shut down in California, these folks went and bought up a bunch of the stuff they used to use there. The pumpkin coach still has the sign from there.

The only trouble was when we got there, the little train blew its whistle and caught Connor off guard. The rest of the time we were there, he covered his ears.

It's actually pretty interesting to see him eat and keep his ears covered. He uses his arm and wraps it over his head to cover one ear with his upper arm, and the other ear with his hand.

I am not sure where Garfield fits in - it's a costume, it's orange, what the heck. I think whoever was in Garfield might know Diana, because he/she came right up to her. Or maybe he/she just liked Diana's cat-ear hat she made herself?

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Anonymous said...

you wanna know what the funny thing about that pumplkin patch heck the garfield costume is? i was in that costume in '06 i think yeah because i wasnt home in '07 lol....i volunteered there and played as a dead zombie on the bus.....i had my hair pulled i was pushed and ytelled at.....but in the end before everyone got off the bus i would jump and scream....and everyone would jump and was the funniest thing ever and everyone loved it! love nae