Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Neewalloh Parade

This has been going on for the last 35-40 years in town. Rain or Shine. It wasn't raining tonight, so there were lots of folks.

We started gathering at 5:00, and the parade started at 5:30. Once you parade thru the town, you turn around at the end and start collecting your treats from the shop owners. So it's similar to trick or treat in a mall, only you're still outside.

Connor was a cowboy, as you can see. He wore Trevor's hat, but the rest of the stuff is his. He really enjoyed going along in the parade, and then once we got back to the beginning, he was pretty much done. We did stop at a very decorated house on the way home, which was fun & spooky, but once we were home, he really was finished.

This guy's costume was pretty cool. He freaked out some of the little kids at first, but then they got used to him and he was moving very slowly so he wasn't too scary after a bit.

He came over to me from behind and put his "hands" on my shoulders. Connor backed up but still held my hand. I laughed and he could see I wasn't scared. Then I said "bye" to the guy & he moved on :)
The spot on the chest is where the guy could see thru, and he operated the head & arms separate somehow. Big ol' cape and he wore dark pants underneath. This would be a good costume for a haunted house :)

Diana had a good run with the Haunted House. She got to be done at 10:00, which was good, since it could have gone to midnight, and she has school tomorrow!

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