Thursday, October 18, 2007

A note from Trevor

Things are doing fine, except Joe got sick again.

My immune system is freaking godlike. I haven't even been congested once.

Most classes are going fine, and I had a meeting with Joan. I will now stop by her office every tuesday.

Last speech class was cancelled as well.

And I met a girl who was in a video in speech class who likes to draw. she also extolls the thriving ability of geraniums.

I love you too!


keeka said...

True Trevor! Wow, sounds like you(he) is doing well! Glad to know that you(he) is feeling healthy, but don't take it to mean you(he)won't get sick! Get some Airbourne and use purell!
Thanks for updating us!

Anonymous said...

lol....sounds like him....tell him i love him and miss him