Friday, February 19, 2010

Lent 2010

We got our ashes on Wednesday. Trevor & I did the full evening mass, while Lee just received ashes at the lunchtime service.

Most Catholics use this time to reflect on their mortality and try to do something to change something about themselves. You may have heard about kids giving up candy or people fasting or not eating meat for the six weeks of Lent. It's meant to have us feel a little bit of suffering to identify with Christ. Giving up something you love makes it that much better when you are once again able to receive it at Easter.

But I prefer going the other direction - do something more spiritual on a daily basis. You can decide to pray more regularly, do a service to others, etc. You can even make a pledge to be a better parent, or whatever.

I'm attempting to pray a rosary every day for Lent. I like praying the rosary - it's a wonderful meditation. It just takes a little time and to remembering to DO it. I struggle with the beginning & ending prayers - the version of the Apostle's Creed I use for the rosary is different from the one we use at church - more "thee" & "thence" Old English. And the other one is "Hail, Holy Queen" that you say at the end. I stumble over that one as well.

Hopefully by the time we reach Easter, I'll have those both solidly memorized!

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keeka said...

Good for you! I am glad that I have my class at this time of year, because every time I teach about Jesus and the ressurection it brings it all home again! We read about the ressurection through a story book called Benjamin's box, a story about a boy who sees and hears about Jesus and what happens to him. He collects bits of history as the story goes along. It is touching and usually, I get a lot of questions after reading it.