Sunday, February 07, 2010

5 Days to go!

On Friday, I'll be glued to my TV watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in Vancouver, B.C.

I'll be wearing my torch-bearer mittens (at least for part of it) and various other Olympic gear I've collected in the last few years since Vancouver found out they were hosting & Connie's store started selling Olympic stuff :)

Yes, I'm a little obsessed. There's something about a good chunk of the world gathering for friendly competition. Some people come just to represent their country with no chance of a medal, others have a heavy weight on their shoulders to perform or risk embarassing themselves & their country.

I love all of it. The stories about the athletes, the views of the host country, the highs & lows of the competition. I will DVR the whole thing, and try to watch as much as I can when time allows. I plan to bring my exercise bike into the living room & bike along with the races, at least an hour a day, maybe more depending on the excitement level. Trevor should be happy because that means my computer will be free for him to use :)

Because of my excitement, one student in my class was not happy with me. She doesn't care about the Olympics and couldn't understand what I was going on about. We had a "meeting" with the staff & students in the room last week so she could let us know what about us was bothering her (therapy classroom, just go with it). Turns out the thing that bugged her most about me was the Olympics. Ha. Her question was, "Why are you so excited about the Olympics?" I said, "When I was growing up, it was a time that my family got together and watched - it was something to cheer about and talk about, and I have a lot of good memories of that. That's why I love the Olympics." She seemed to get that, and moved on to the next person.

On the flip side, the skills trainer asked if we could tell the girl what bugged us about her.

I requested she not scream in the classroom.

So when she screams, can I start talking about the Olympics again? (Evil grin)

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