Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Connie!!

My sister, Connie, hits the big 5-0 today.
If I could, I'd show up at the door & surprise her with flowers.
I will take her out when we get up there in the summer for a delayed birthday celebration.
When I spoke with my mom on Saturday, it sounded like Connie was going to do a lot of celebrating this weekend anyway, so that's all good.
Happy Birthday big sis - I'll give you a call later today :) Love you!!

1 comment:

keeka said...

Are you going to keep those flowers til summer? I think they might be kind of gross by then don't you think? hehe. Just kidding!
Nice bouquet though!

I am glad she is enjoying her day!
None of this, "don't celebrate my birthday" for us!