Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another skiing run

Connor did even better on Saturday than last time. He had the right sized boots for the skis, and we went 3 miles along Diamond Lake to a Pizza restaurant (the store part was closed for the season), and then the 3 miles back to the lodge. This time there were more hills to go up & down, but he saw other people doing a little jog on the skis, so he was doing that too!
I can keep up with him unless he's doing that jog, but that doesn't last too long, and he still likes to stop & eat snow now & then, and I can easily catch up :)
He really liked getting the pizza in the "Alaska Pizza Restaurant" (Snow-covered mountains make him think of Alaska).

Next weekend we'll see if Diana can come along, & maybe we'll bring Liberty as well. :) It will be the last weekend of cross country practice. The following weekend the other athletes will head over to Bend for a few days for the State competition. I hope they do really well :)

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keeka said...

Wow, that sounds like such fun! I wish we had snow closer! If we go to the snow we go with every other person in So Cal! whew!
So we stay at home and hope we get some snow at our Spring retreat!