Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can't really sit still

As everyone knows - I'm watching a lot of Olympics. I am using my DVR to record anything NBC's main channel here shows. There's also some coverage on USA, but I thought that would be a bit too much.

I do tend to fast-forward through heats when there's quarter finals & semi finals on most events. I will watch in regular mode if something unexpected happens (usually a crash) and when the winners cross the finish line. Fast forward is silent, and I like to hear the cheers at the end :) I watch the whole race when it's for the medals.

I zoom through most of the hockey games as well, especially when one team has a huge lead. That Canada game last night though - I only saw the highlights of that one - I would have probably watched the whole thing with the game being so close! Wow!

I have been using my stationary bike, but I don't ride for 6 hours - that's a little more than my posterior can do - even on a gel seat. So I have been doing busy work - 2 scarves knitted so far, mending clothes (buttons sewn, holes in sweaters closed, etc.), laundry and cleaning stuff. If I had silver, I could polish that - hah.

This weekend, we are done with Special Olympics skiing for Connor, so I'm home to finish off the final weekend of the games in real time. I will knit a little more, and I might park the sewing machine in front of the TV. I don't know how well that will work. There are a few more quick mending things I can do on the machine, but I won't attempt anything that requires concentration. I already shoo everyone out of the house when I'm trying to really sew.

I might also bring the laptop into the living room and do some data entry stuff for my TOPS club. I have to present awards next week, and I can prep for that as well.

Next weekend, I have to check if the snow is good in the mountains. We might try another run of cross country skiing with Lee on Sunday...

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keeka said...

So, what did YOU think of Apolo's disqualification?
Even mom thought they were a little off on that one. yes, he did touch the guy and yes, the guy went down, but I don't think if the same thing happened to Apolo that he would have gone down. The better skater would have remained on their feet. But I think there were others that they let him slide so I guess it was fine! : )