Sunday, February 28, 2010

Countdown to London 2012...

Closing Ceremonies are being recorded on my DVR. I spent 6 hours watching the hockey game & then the delayed cross-country competition today already. I haven't joined in on the WoW meetings with Robert & Shoo, so I'll do that tonight :) I need to move my bike back to the computer.

Wow - what a game. So close & so well played. It was pretty much anything a hockey fan could wish for, with non-stop action and no way to know who would come out on top.

Being Canadian, I was rooting for Canada - but when the US were behind, I rooted for them to tie it up. That last goal in the final 20 seconds to tie up the game for OT was just outstanding. The neighbors were probably wondering what was up with all the noise coming from our house :)

Isn't it funny the medal results were exactly the same for the hockey women? Canada Gold, USA Silver, Finland Bronze.

For Canada to start this games with a drought of no host country gold, and then to go on to win the MOST GOLD EVER for a host country is just phenomenal. My mom couldn't believe it. She called me three times on Saturday as Canada kept winning golds - she wouldn't say who won what, but she just had to share it with me. Well, she did let slip on the curling, but she didn't realize I had it on the DVR for Lee. That's okay :) She was flipping through three channels with a live feed to see everything she possibly could.

I managed to get some good biking in - faster than my usual pace, too. I made two scarves & most of a hat, I got papers sorted & filed. I capped a bunch of supplement pills for Connor, and mended clothes. There was also a puzzle in progress on the table in the living room, but you have to actually look at that, so that was more for the rest of the family while I had control of the TV.

The sport I didn't really care for in the past was ice dancing, but the two top teams (Canada & US) made it much nicer than the past dancers. The Russian couple were still from that mode, and I really had a hard time seeing their dance through the icky costumes. I really don't like the outlandish, overly-sequined costumes. Especially on the men!! (I know you have to be true to yourself, Johnny Weir, but dang!).

It was a great games. I'm proud to be a Canadian, and wanting to go and visit Vancouver again really soon :)

And yeah - the US still won the most overall medals - I was happy for Shaun White, Apolo Ono, Chad Hedrick, Lindsay Vonn, Bode Miller and all the other medalists. It was just a great games :)

And now the countdown to London starts... Hopefully I'll be on vacation & able to watch it in Canada with my mom. She has better TV coverage :P

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