Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last Ski Session with Special Olympics

It was absolutely beautiful at Diamond Lake yesterday! The weather was great! We brought Diana & Liberty along, since we were going to take our own van.

We hadn't had any new snow, so it was a little icy for skiing, but the snow pack was deep enough that it was okay. It just made it harder for Connor to eat the snow :P

By the way - this is how I like to drive to the snow. No snow on the road!!
That's Mt. Theilsen from the car :)

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keeka said...

I am so envious! We don't get to do stuff like that! Wonderful!
I don't even like to show the kids! They will be even more jealous! Makes me want to make a winter trip up to you and mom sometime even though I think Carl would say no because of driving conditions. Oh well.