Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Guy!

Today at work, the new guy assistant in the classroom asked us, "Did you know that Bill Nye the Science Guy died in a freak accident?"

We all were caught off guard. I was like, "When? He was just in last season's Stargate Atlantis on an episode! What happened?"

The new guy goes on to tell us that Bill Nye was doing a massive experiment with baking soda & vinegar (like those frothy volcanoes for science projects) with a truckload of baking soda & a tanker truck of vinegar. When the two were combined, the explosion was so huge, it killed Bill Nye and they couldn't even find his remains!

Uh huh.

So then we're all, okay - so who told you this? Why wouldn't we have heard about this? And baking soda & vinegar don't EXPLODE.

But new guy is so adamant about this happening, he says he's going to prove us wrong, and he goes off to the computer to show us. Here's his proof: Bill Nye Article

If you are not aware, The Onion is a parody website - kind of like April Fools all year long. I told him if he didn't believe me, look at a few other 'articles' on the site and see if they made sense. This is what they like to do. They 'got' a bunch of Christians to think J.K. Rowling was a devil-worshipper, and they've zinged the 'real' media & embarrassed them very well.

And for anyone who noticed, the title of this post was a nod to Stargate. Whenever there was a cast change, and the new guy did something dumb, the others on the team would say, "New Guy!"

It just kind of fit.


Lee said...

I liked your story on the New Guy!

keeka said...

pretty good sistol. I was worried there for a second! I looked at the link and if you look at some of the other articles on the bottom, you know they are false because Obama doesn't have enough of a personality to watch Battlestar Galactica! Heehee, so it can't be true!