Sunday, March 08, 2009

Troop 371 Reunion

A couple of weeks ago, Renee & Mary worked out a surprise for Amanda & Diana. Diana found out sooner, and MARY spilled the beans to Amanda, but it was all good.
Renee decided to fly up for the weekend.
She arrived in Portland on Friday, spent the rest of the day with Mary & CJ & probably Brandon (who is talking with Diana in the 2nd photo).

They will all recover, but Renee had better sleep on the plane trip home.
Yesterday - they came to the 'Burg to visit. They left Portland around 8:00, got to Eugene to pick up Diana, and then headed further south.
Renee visited her cousin, and then they stopped here. We got to visit a hour or so (and Lee was bummed he missed them - he was at work), and after cake & donuts, they left to go see Renee's folks and Mary's family.
After those visits, they were going to head back to Portland. Same day.
Renee is flying out Monday, I think. Hopefully she'll be sleeping in the car & what.

Remember when we were 19?

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keeka said...

oh yeah, totally. I mean when I was 20 I was working at Dland until 3pm, then coming back at 9pm to work until 4am, then driving home and waking up at 8am to go to work at 9am! I could NEVER do that anymore! Whew! Glad to see Renee had a little getaway. We are planning on going to visit her to bring her her cookies! Maybe late March on a Sunday! Don't have an actual day yet!