Friday, March 06, 2009

School is saved!

Today an announcement went out that the State was going to get some kind of legislation to 'backfill' the deficit the school system suffered, and that we would NOT lose any school days after all.

It has to do with the Stimulus thing, shuffling some other funds around, and using up all the reserves (which will probably mean days off for NEXT school year - but that's in the future so we don't have to think about it..). In any case, we will complete this school year however it works out.

There's still no summer school, and yesterday & today I worked days that were not in my contract, since they were supposed to be conference days. This was to avoid loss of time for the kids once we cut days. There's another day in April that was supposed to be a non-contract day as well.

Now the schools & ESD owe their assistants for time for the last couple of days. We had a student that didn't come, so I only worked 4.5 of my 7 hours yesterday, and I'd planned a visit to the Jr. High schools today to see which would work best for Connor. That was 1.5 hours today. At this point, they owe me 8 hours of my time back.

I can't take any old time - I have to take time that I wouldn't need a substitute to cover for me. Basically, I have to wait until a student is sick or something, and then I'd go home early.

The other people in my classroom are already so short on sick leave (like, minus time) that they are getting their extra time put in there. I hardly ever call in sick, so I have, oh, pretty much 4 years' worth of sick leave saved up now. They can't give me my time back in sick leave.

It would be nice if I could take the Friday off for my TOPS convention this year...


keeka said...

Well, now you know to save up any extra dough for next year!
I hope everything works out like you need it to! We are struggling a bit at school. The enrollment is definitely down for elementary, so I doubt my friend will get a job there, which means I am going to probably do my same job as this year, IF they get enough to have my class! EEK!

Tina said...

Well, that's a real concern when the economy is low. If you can get 'free' education instead of paying for private...

See - this is where the vouchers for education would come in really handy!!! I see a lot of overcrowding at public schools coming down the road if things don't pick up soon!