Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ebay Frustration

Last week, on St. Patrick's Day, I had a one-day coupon for 10% off something at ebay.

I actually had something I was planning to get that way, so I found a nice buy-it-now auction & placed my bid.

The auction stated "Free Shipping" which was one reason I even chose that auction to start with. It was going to be over in 2 hours, so when I noticed there WAS a shipping charge on the invoice, I put in a note to the seller, "please remove the shipping charge, since your auction is advertised with 'free shipping'. Thanks." I didn't think I'd hear back within two hours to get the item, and I know the seller can remove shipping charges, because I've combined things before, and the seller has that option to change the shipping if they want.

The sale goes thru, showing my 10% off coupon - and the shipping charge is still there.

So I contact the seller & ask again to have the shipping removed.

His response is: I don't see any notes at all. You should ask me the question first b4 buying it and pay for the item. If you want to return i have to charged you for the shipping and you have to pay the shipping for the return. I wish you ask me b4 buying it. THE FREE SHIPPING IS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE BY THE TIME I SEE THE ERROR EBAY WON'T ALLOW TO EDIT ANY MORE.

So he's an idiot. First off, he copy/pasted information to his auction without checking what it said. Then he never puts in a note once he realizes it says 'free shipping' (probably because he didn't even notice it until I pointed it out). On top of that - he ignores the note on the invoice.

Now, this guy has 100% positive feedback with over 100 items sold. So how does he not know to check the invoice for notes from the buyer?

It sounds an awful lot like fraud to me.

I sent him back an email requesting the shipping be removed again. And letting him know it is HIS responsibility to make sure his auction is correct AND to check notes on the invoices.

He basically said the same thing in response to my last email.

So now I have to take it to the Resolution Center. I don't want to send the item back to him - I don't trust him to be honest about it, to tell the truth. The item is fine anyway. Plus I'll lose my 10% off coupon, plus I'd STILL pay shipping!! With nothing to show for it!!

I have to wait 10 days to even send in my information. What a dweeb. He admits on the first email back to me that "it was a mistake" - so why didn't he note that somewhere on his auction? Why didn't he withdraw the auction & make the changes?

Because it went through PayPal, I should be protected. And reading through ebay's rules, it's exactly what I'd told him. What he's doing is fraud. You advertise free shipping with the item & then charge shipping? Eat the stinkin' $15, kid.

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Lee said...

I think you have been very straightforward and fair.

Time to follow through.