Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday, Connor!

Connor requested a "Thin Mint" green cake.

I will attempt to make one after school today :) It will be a chocolate cake, and then I use regular white frosting, add peppermint flavor & green food coloring, and that should make it pretty minty. I already picked up another box of Thin Mint cookies at the leader meeting last night (I knew someone would have cookies in their car!). I'll decorate the outside of the cake with the cookies then.

This morning Connor woke up to balloons and some presents. He is not the typical kid to shop for, so we just go with tried-and-true winners. White Cheddar popcorn, Sour Cream & Onion Pringles (or as Connor calls them 'green chips'), and for the toys, we just go Dollar Tree. He has a huge trampoline in the backyard, and he plays YouTube cartoons on his own. He already has enough games for the consoles we have, and is happy with those.

He did say something about various kids in his class giving him things at his party, so I had to tell him that the school kids were NOT bringing presents. They ARE celebrating with him at lunch with a pizza party, and I hope that went well. That's more or less the 'big' present this year. Pizza & drinks for 27 kids is a lot, but we can't do a party at home, since Connor would pretty much hide out in his room. Too many people in his 'space.' As it is, when we do Open House, he'll just tolerate people poking their heads in his room for a bit, or maybe one person coming in to talk with him. So this was our solution - he wanted a party, and this was the best way to do one. :)

He has requested spaghetti for dinner & then we'll have the green cake and vanilla bean ice cream.



Marybo said...

happy birthday connor!!

keeka said...

Have you ever tried an Ice cream cake or pie before? Then you could do mint chip ice cream! Whee!

Happy Birthday Connor.

Sorry about the card being late! I bought it at the end of February, lost it, found it and now I will send it!

Tina said...

Er... I'm way late on your Thank You card from Christmas - don't worry about it.

Rocky said...

Happy Birthday Conner!

flyingvan said...

Looks like a dalmation cake. Have a good birthday!

keeka said...

Kaleigh said it looked cool like the cartoons where they place holes everywhere! After she said it I saw what she meant! hehe