Monday, March 16, 2009

Appropo Sewing

Diana did a class this last term called "Reinventing Yourself" and this was her final project.

It was basically a sewing class, and you had to create a dress and a story to go with it, from medieval times.

As you can see here, her dress is red. Red was not a common color for peasants to be able to wear. So apparently, in her paper, Diana (Blanche) talks about how she won the 'favor' of a local lord, who bought her bread regularly, gave her red fabric, and also bought her a real bed. "Favors" indeed!

Also in the story, she described the death of her parents, and her husband (plague) and that she has a 2-year-old son (who will eventually die in the Hundred Years' War).

So, here's a photo of Blanche, the skank. And the butcher girl in her green dress, who did NOT have the favor of a lord, but apparently had to wear icky colors & sleep on the floor of her shop.


flyingvan said...

sAll hail, Blanche the skank!!

keeka said...

ok, you need to be clearer dear sistol, is Blanche the Skank in real life or only in her story?
I mean I have never heard you mention a Blanche, is she a friend of Diana's? If so why would she hang with a skanK?

keeka said...

by the way, I should have said, "good job" to Diana, her dress lookes pretty darn good!

Oh, tell Lee to read his blog I posted on the last one. Pretty funny.

Tina said...

Diana's character for her class, Reinventing Yourself is "Blanche."

I'm the one who is calling her a skank :P