Thursday, March 05, 2009

Something to do

I mentioned before in my blog that on my lunch break at work, I only have use of an OLD Apple IIe, which is pretty limited in what I can do online.

I am able to check my work email, but not do anything but reply to emails from outside the Groupwise address book. So I can't create a new email to someone outside the school system - I always have to find a previous email & then reply to it.

I also can't post to blogs, or create any new posts on my blog. I can look at most blogs, but if there's more than a few pictures, it doesn't have enough memory. Video clips are not at all possible to view.

And of course, being a school computer, any shopping, Facebook, stuff like that is blocked anyway.

So there I am, with my 1/2 hour lunch. I'm done eating in 15 minutes (including nuking time) and I don't have enough time to really do much else. I knit while I listen to music, or write a little note maybe. I'm kind of tired of that stuff though.

The other day, I checked to see if I could look at 8-bit Theater - and I can!

This is a silly comic strip based on the 8-bit version of Final Fantasy. I got through the first 20 episodes yesterday. At this rate, I'll have a few years of something to read during my lunch break. :)

I love Black Mage.

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