Saturday, March 07, 2009

How did THAT happen?

Last night, around 11:00something, Lee & I are mostly asleep in bed, when suddenly there's a loud "POP!!"
We both jump out of bed, because we have no idea what it was. I turn on the light, and we're looking around the room to see if something fell, or what happened.
We can't find anything around the room, so Lee's next thought is that something hit a window. He moves the curtain aside on the window above the bed, and the whole thing is cracked!
I used packing tape to get the little shards of glass off the bed & pillows last night, then vacuumed everything today.
It's only the interior pane of the double-paned window, and there's no damage to the screen either.

The whole window moves just fine still, so it's not like the house settled & squished it.

I guess it was just pressure from the air in the window? It was pretty cold outside last night, and around 60 in the room.

Lee said he thinks these windows have a lifetime warranty, and I'll find the receipt.

Still - what a weird thing!


flyingvan said...

Most likely, nickel-sulfide inclusion. You didn't say if it were tempered glass or not. Assuming the window was installed correctly, and there were no micro cracks that grew over time until catastrophic failure, inclusion is the likely culprit. There are a few brands notorious for it like WindowMaster.

Tina said...

These are Milgard & I have no idea.

They're less than 5 years old (since we built this room). I'd have to read up on whether they are tempered and/or have the nickel-sulfide inclusion - is that an insulation thing?

Thanks for the input :)

prestoffcenter said...

Apparently there was a sudden drop of air pressure such as the the type brought on by excessive snoring or two people yawning at the same time.

Normally these windows are fine with only one yawn at a time. Just to be safe you should set up a schedule or something.

It's probably why it is double paned. It's like you have a spare.

flyingvan said...
Byron is probably right. I am installing doubleyawn windows as a safety precaution. We probably don't need it since AnnaMarie never sleeps but you can't be too careful. Also you need to make sure there aren't any poltergeists. They can be rough on windows