Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blogging Blues

First off, I'm actually reading during my lunch time at work, but I can't post from the old Apple IIe, which is the only computer available to me right now (a student is using the 'good' computer during my lunch time right now).

The Apple IIe does not have enough memory to allow me to post anything on my own blog, or make any comments either. That's why I've been a little quiet on the blogs :)

We are in a little bit of upheaval with our school calendar. Seems we don't have enough money in the budget to finish this school year as is, so they will be cutting days. There's talk of no school on Fridays, adding a week vacation to Spring Break or cutting the last few weeks of school out completely. We don't know yet. Unpaid, of course, to save the district money.

My paycheck is spread across 12 months, even though I'm working 10 - which means I still have half a year's worth of paychecks to come, and hopefully it won't impact me too badly. Good thing I'm full-time, because the folks that rely on their part time checks to be a certain amount will be hurting, especially if most of June is cut.

Our illustrious govenor of Oregon has opted to take a 5% pay cut (out of the raise he just gave himself) and he's asking that teachers consider coming in to work for free.

Okay - it's one thing to take unpaid furlough - it's another thing entirely to do the job (that doesn't pay as much as the work requires) for FREE.

If teachers won't even go to trainings on their unpaid 'training days,' why on earth does he think they would spend 8 hours managing students? HE needs to come and take a Kindergarten class for free one day and see how far he makes it. Or a Jr. High math class, or a High School government class...

Ugh - I'll let you know what they decide...


keeka said...

Or better yet, let them do YOUR job for even 15 minutes and see how far they get! I know I wouldn't come in for free! I mean I know we get paid very little and we justify it by saying that our work is a type of Ministry (which it is), but to come in for free! I don't think so!

Lee said...

To me it just shows the disconnect between private and public jobs.

Crystal said...

The research says that teachers make a minimum of 130 decisions per hour during the 6 hour workday. The amount of management and organization and problem solving we do on a daily basis is extraordinary. As is the number of documents, manipulatives, assessments, assessments etc. The teaching folder on my computer holds 1 GB of documents, the majority of which I have created in the last 5 years. Teachers have great, open hearts and often go the extra mile to give students the help and tools they need to be successful. But its shameful to take advantage of that good-heartedness and ask teachers to work for free. Hang in there!