Sunday, February 01, 2009

Diana's new 'do and glasses

During the winter break, we went & had Diana get some new glasses. She was still wearing the ones we'd gotten her waaay back when she did a Girl Scout rafting trip with Amanda & needed a change! That was five years ago!
Yesterday we went to the same salon they had used for the MADE, only this time with a guy that actually worked there :) We really like the nice, layered cut, and he recommended highlights, altho at this time, Diana didn't want to pay for that - she still has some from the MADE, anyway :)
Cute, huh?
Oh - the guy was itching to do something (anything!) with MY hair, which currently looks pretty sad. :/


Karrie N said...

Super cute...even better than the first 'new-do' for Made. She looks much more college-esque now.

Marybo said...

i think this is my favorite hair on diana yet!

Lee said...

um.. as opposed to pit hair and let hair??

keeka said...

I wish you could have had your hair done too and then you could have had a nice mother/daughter hair day! Whee!

Kaleigh is growing hers out again, blech! I don't like long hair. Good thing Cole is a boy!

Lee said...

I had Shoulder Length hair for quite awhile.

Besides if she likes long hair...?

CMD said...

Her new hair looks a lot like my new cut I got a week ago! We are so modern :-)

Re-Navy!! said...

it looks so diana!! it kind of looks like my new do without the bangs in front! Which i am now pushing back to the side cause they are too long!