Saturday, January 31, 2009

Connor's Field Trip

We happen to live in a pretty cool area, I think. Our kids get these cool opportunities here.

Fishing is a much-loved pasttime, and our neighborhood school actually has a working hatchery. Every other year, the kids all participate in carrying the fry (baby salmon) to the creek to work their way down to the Umpqua River, and then to the coast.

So our Eastwood School kids get quite a bit of education about fish and nature, etc. The 5th grade, especially, gets to do even more than the younger kids with the hatchery and they get to attend a fish-stocking before the Fishing Derby.

Our little guy, Connor, has always loved the water. He's a good enough swimmer, but we are always extremely careful with him around any water. The rivers around here can be pretty rough, and we tend to avoid the parks along the rivers, so he's not too tempted. No fear.

The place they were going on the field trip on Thursday was called "Cooper Creek." I was thinking it was like a river - but I guess it's more of a lake. There's still, clear water, and a dock. I knew Connor would be wearing a life jacket and have an aide with him at all times. I didn't opt to go along with him on this trip, like I have for some others.

From what we got out of Connor, there was a big tube with the fish coming out. He had to reel in a fish (catch & release) and then the man scooped under to catch it (with a net, we're guessing). The local pizza place had a trailer with fresh, hot pizza for the kids and that was fun too. Of course, Connor came home safe & sound (yay!).

Apparently, Connor was on the news that night, but we currently don't get CBS because of a dispute between our satellite provider & the local CBS affiliate. Ugh. Hopefully the local station will post a video so I can see my boy on TV.

Back when Trevor was in 5th grade, he also made the evening news after the field trip - he was holding up his fish he'd caught, and someone off camera asked if he was going to eat it. Trevor said all incredulous, "I'm not gonna EAT it! I'm a vegetarian!" Even the newscasters laughed after the clip was over :P We have it on videotape somewhere... I think on Diana's turn we saw her coat...

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Re-Navy!! said...

its doesnt matter diana got her TV debut later in life lol.....Cooper creek is one of my favorite places!! I went there for free fishing day in June when i was home! That was when i decided i wanted to roll in the grass and break out before amandas grad party lol...anywho glad Connor had fun and he got in the news again