Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here we are in 2009! We rang in the New Year twice, once on NY time with Rocky & Sue (thanks! That was fun!), and then again at home on Oregon time.

We did a pizza party at Rocky & Sue's place. Sue taught Diana & I how to make toffee popcorn, and Diana expects to make it for any gathering she attends while she's at school. It's awesome & easy! Connor did really well with hanging out, eating pizza & then we watched "House Bunny" since Rocky had Netflix & none of us had seen it yet. It was cute. But once it got close to 9:00 & we watched New York ring in the new year, Connor was ready to GO. Still, for not being distracted by a game or something (he doesn't really watch non-action movies), we thought he did pretty well :)

Once we got home, Diana called Jen (camera gal) to wish her a Happy New Year, and I'm not sure, but she may have been in Times Square - wherever she was, it was loud and Diana sent a text later, because she could barely understand what Jen was saying (Diana thinks there may have been alcohol involved :P) lol. Diana's coach, Krista, moved to NYC once the show was done, and Jen & Krista got to be good friends during the filming, and they seem to hang out a lot when Jen is in town.

Connor stayed up late with us (till 11:00) but that didn't stop him from getting up early to play Sonic on the Wii - I was going to watch the Rose Parade, but I'm doing this instead. I'll see if I can get the TV in a little bit.

The older kids & Lee & I all kept occupied with our computers until it got close to the ball drop, and the station we were watching had Robbie Knievel preparing to jump the volcano at a Las Vegas hotel (I don't remember which one, I haven't been to Las Vegas since my honeymoon). The 'best' part was the computer simulations of all the things that could go wrong with the jump! He could go thru the fire! He could hit the side of the ramp! He could hit the ramp wrong and flip over! He could fall INTO the volcano (and then they showed the motorcycle floating to the top). OMG! And after we rang in the new year, Robbie jumped and nothing went wrong at all. It was a perfect jump.

People shot off fireworks around our neighborhood (I'm going to find a bunch of burnt-out 'flowers' on my lawn I bet).

We didn't really do any resolutions. Trevor was the only one with getting better grades. He will need them to be able to go back to OIT. Diana said she'd draw more. More? That's all she does in her free time now! Connor resolves to spend as much time as possible on the trampoline :)

I would like to be more organized at home. For instance, I still have all the GS troop stuff in my laundry room... plus a few other boxes & who knows what in the patio room, my closet, the basement. It's a mess.

Lee will have to tell you his own resolution - I don't know what he decided.

Happy New Year!


flyingvan said...

The other motorcycle jump by the guy with tourette's was far more impressive IMHO.

keeka said...

My New Years Eve was rather boring. I had a cup of tea in front of the TV watching Bones, CSI and a few other programs with Carl. We stayed up until 11:00 then went to bed. Carl had to get up relatively early cause his dad was going to pick him up for the Rose Bowl game at 9am. They are still there as I write this. They of course had to stop at Filippe's for Roast Beef Dip. Grandma came to our house today to play board games with the kids and I. It was fun...Cole got Bibleopoly...but that is a story in itself!

keeka said...

Oh and my New Years resolution is to write down all my purchases for the next two months so that Carl can make me a budget. I already did October but fell apart in November, so I figure 3 months of spending will give us a decent idea of what food and neccessities cost. I hope.

flyingvan said...

We decided to look at it like this---there's food, clothing, and shelter. I told Annamarie to pick two.

keeka said...

ooooh. That's just mean! Well she sure knows how to buy food! And prepare it, and I am sure she is a whiz at saving money left and right! You lucky guy you!

Not to say that having a guy that builds houses, fights fire, saves lives and makes the best warm fuzzy drinks is something to sneeze at!

Rocky said...

I made a resolution about 15 years ago to stop making new years resolutions. Only one I've ever kept going. LOL. New years eve was a blast! We really have to get together more often.

You mentioning GS stuff reminds me.....1) pass on to your friends that we need a new contact for GS cookies and 2)if you know anyone that wants to babysit, let me know.

keeka said...

Rocky, my daughter is a GC now! Of course you would have to have me ship them since we are in So Cal. But I will be shipping Tina's to her so....? Talk to Tina! : )